Electric Chainsaw – How to Successfully Repair Them

An electric chainsaw is a great tool and almost every owns it. Although this type of tools is very durable, one never knows when it’s going to malfunction and eventually stops working. So, it’s better that every user should be prepared to resolve the mechanical and electrical issues that might come when one least expects it. Safety is a top priority, buy some chainsaw chaps, some goggles and prepare yourself.

Moreover, getting familiar with the right steps and techniques for repairing chainsaws doesn’t require servicing which in turn save time and money. Experts have recommended that one should always be prepared for any type of malfunctioning in the machine. To do so, one has to take notice on what experts call ‘symptoms.’ This includes a thorough check and inspection of the vital parts (both mechanical and electrical) of the electric chainsaw.

Some essential tips have been discussed in this space with which one can successfully repair and resolve major issues that usually occur in most chainsaws. But that being said, it is important that one should always wear safety protection like safety glasses and gloves.


Chain that skips (or jumps)

If the chainsaw’s chain jumps, then the first step that one should take is to thoroughly check if the drive sprocket is not worn out. This is because the chain belt will not sit properly on a drive sprocket that’s worn out and beaten.

Another major underlying cause of chain skips has to do with the chain’s tension. If the chain is sitting tight, then one can manually loosen the tension a bit (but not too much). Doing so will ensure a smooth working and might even increase the chain’s running life.

Power loss of electric chainsaw

It is possible for the chainsaw to lose power while working. If such issue arises, then one can always check the machine’s external electrical components like the power (on/off) switch and cord. If external components are okay, then one might even unscrew the motor section and have a look. But the power supply must be turned off before starting this procedure. In most electrical failure, it’s usually the external components that are damaged.

Chain emitting smoke

While working with an electric chainsaw frantically, it might so happen that the chain starts emitting smoke. Although this is not a major issue, it sure does jeopardize the chain’s life. What needs to be done in case of this issue is that one has to check the oil reservoir to see if the oil is all used up.

Another cause could be that the oil discharge holes are blocked with debris. One can clean these discharge holes with a clean and dry cloth. As soon as the lubrication is back, the chain shouldn’t emit any smoke and work just as fine.

Chain not cutting properly

The chain of an electric chainsaw not cutting properly is probably the biggest issue that everybody faces. The solution to this problem is indeed very simple as one just has to sharpen the blade. If not so, then users can even replace the old chain belt with a new one.     


Buy and Install a New Carpet for Your Basement

So many people are finishing their basements these days and turning them into game rooms, large family gathering rooms, and extra rooms for the teenagers as they grow and want to have some space of their own. You typically want a little sturdier carpet in the basement than you would on your main floor where you have more of your formal furnishings and less traffic. Plan on the basement taking a bigger beating than the rest of the house, especially if you have teenagers. Consider buying the best canister vacuum for allergies to eliminate possible colds and debris those teenagers will create.

First and foremost, make sure you are working with a reputable dealer. Look for a high standard decorating center to choose your carpets as well as your better-grade pads and qualified installers. This is like so many other purchases; you get what you pay for.

When you arrive at the carpet store, go with some notes in hand. Let them know what your plans are. Are you going to have a pool table, a wet bar, or maybe a theater room. Talk to someone who knows what they are doing and is knowledgeable in the industry.


When you have picked out the carpet you like, first check out the performance characteristics so you know this will be a carpet that will withstand the type of traffic you have in your home. Usually for a basement, you may want to go with something a bit tougher, maybe a commercial grade. There are many styles to choose from and you would never know it was a commercial grade carpet. It’s not like it use to be, where the commercial carpet made your home look like an office building.

You want to make sure it has a good stain protection, soil protection and static resistance. I mention all three because you may think they are all the same. You will usually have your carpets cleaned about once a year, so you want it to hold up. Remember the teenagers? Think soda pop, popcorn, chips, etc….you want to have something that will withstand that kind of abuse.

Look for the twist in each individual yarn. There are several qualities that will give you the best performance, including the density, along with the twist or crimp. Don’t confuse density with the height of the pile. Pile height has nothing to do with performance. But the twist in the yarn will determine how well it hides footprints.

Don’t buy anything yet, I have a few more tips for you to consider. A quality carpet should have a “green label” program. This lets you know that the carpet has been tested and has passed the emissions criteria. This is valuable information but it is not a health guarantee. Ask for the toll free number for the manufacturer to find out any updated information.

Ok…now that you have picked your carpet and are ready to have it installed, ask your retailer to have the carpet unrolled for you in a well-ventilated area. This will give the carpet and chance to air out the smelly chemicals that are in new carpet.

Now you are ready to enjoy that basement, set up the plasma TV and the bean bag chairs and let the party begin.