Play Online Casino Games in New Zealand


What do you immediately think of when imagining a casino? Perhaps people in suits sat at tables playing games of roulette and blackjack. Of perhaps you think of old ladies sat at fruit machines in some Vegas club. So, where does your mind take you when you think of online gaming? Can you imagine playing online casino games? Does the dynamic somewhat shift because it’s not something you know of unless you’ve done it?

Playing online is certainly different from your more regular assumption of a casino. Here we explain how and why as we introduce you to all the best online casino games you can play in NZ – every one of them!

Slot Machines NZ

Slots are by far the most common game to be found inside an online casino, with more than 5,000 different ones available on the New Zealand market, your options won’t be lacking. Slot machines are popular, fun and easy to play and pick the right machine and you could be in line to win the biggest jackpot prize of any online casino game.

The variant of the standard slot machine is the progressive jackpot slot. This is a multiple jackpot gaming variant that is linked to a global network of casinos, so players from all over the world fight for the same cash prizes.

Blackjack NZ

One of the more popular and well-known card games. Blackjack is played by many as it comes with simple rules of engagement. Land 21 or as close to without going over and you beat the dealer.

The blackjack card game comes with a number of variants also, there is Atlantic City Blackjack, 21 Blackjack and Pontoon to name a few. The diversity of the game also comes across two different gaming platforms. Blackjack can be experienced as a virtual machine game, rather like a slot, or it can be played as a live casino game where you compete against the dealer using real casino equipment.

Poker NZ

Poker is one of the biggest card games ever and online you get to experience every form of it. There are many video poker games which are virtual variants of the standard game of poker. Video poker includes titles like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, All American Poker and Jacks or Better.

For standard poker games, you get to play live, classics like Casino Hold ‘Em and Caribbean Stud are popular variants of the game in the live casino domain. Playing live also leads players to the chance of some tournament action against other players online.

Roulette NZ

Roulette is your all-time classic casino table game. Roulette is known to come in three forms, European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. But as you will soon see, the game provides many other variants such as double ball roulette and even double wheel roulette.

The gaming feature appears in both virtual format and inside of live casino platforms. Roulette is one of the easiest games to play and it also offers you the casinos largest number of ways to bet for a single win. It also provides players with the highest single odd win of 351 if you predict the correct winning number.

Craps NZ

Craps is an All-American classic. If you watched any Hollywood movie that delves into Vegas, then you will see craps being played, from the TV show Friends to the Martin Scorsese film Casino, craps takes the spotlight.

Craps is one of only two games where dice are used to determine the winning result. Granted it is a complex game for first time players, but highly worth the time to learn. Craps mainly comes inside online casinos as a virtual game, this is mainly due to the action of the game where the player throws the dice. In a live format, this is not possible, so where the games do appear live, you are betting on the throws done by the dealer.

Sic Bo NZ

The next dice game is the niche title of Sic Bo. By being a mix of craps and roulette, sic bo gives you plenty of betting options and the complexities of chance the dice provide. The game is available as both a virtual machine and as a live gaming feature. In the live game, the dice are shaken in a cage to reveal the outcome.

This game is very niche and is perhaps one of the rarest to find online, more so as a live game, but they do exist out there. Virtual machines are also low in number, so if you should find one, count yourself lucky that you get to experience one of the oldest games ever designed.

Keno NZ

If you want a bit of lottery gameplay from your casino, then keno provides one of the options which you can take part in. Now, there are virtual games of keno which are more widely available, there are, however, very rare live keno games that are found inside specialist casinos that tend to focus more on the lottery side of gameplay.

Keno is like bingo but gives you more ways of betting and picking the numbers you want.

Bingo NZ

One of the most nostalgic and classic games of all time. If you have never played bingo, you simply have not lived! Bingo is a fantastic heart-racing game that takes the thrill factor up to 10. Easy to play and very rewarding as you have three attempts to win a prize from the game.

Bingo is both a game that comes live and as a machine variation. There are also different types of bingo. Some games played with the traditional 90-ball, others include 80-ball or 75-ball bingo.

Live bingo games are reserved in specialist rooms where you have other casino members and the jackpot you win are not linked to a big network, so prizes remain in-house!

Scratch Cards NZ

One of the more diverse games and perhaps the easiest game you will ever play, scratch cards are so simple. Reveal matching symbols to claim a win. The higher you buy your scratch card at, the bigger the returning prize will be.

Scratch cards online have one huge benefit over their high street counterparts because jackpots are always replenished. When buying any other way, you have no idea if the main prize has already been taken.

Sports Betting NZ

Sports betting, believe it or not, this feature is bigger than all casino gaming activity put together. There is no bigger, better or more immersive experience than what you get from sports betting. This is the ultimate challenge to put your money where your mouth is. If you think you know your sport and love your team, this makes every game and match a 100x better.

You will be able to access over 30 different sports worldwide, from these games, you will have live in-play betting, over 3,000 odds markets, accumulative betting, cashout options and live gaming stats. From football to tennis, motor racing to rugby, you will have every gaming fixture, event, tournament, cup, race, fight and battle to bet on.

Gameshow NZ

The newest online gaming feature is that of the Gameshow. Yes, found only in the live casino section, you can play new games that provide exciting ways of winning money from the casinos online that have been wider explained on this website:

The gameshow games include Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live and the Dream Catcher. Try something wholly new and different and live out that gameshow dream we’ve all had once or twice in our life when sat in front of the box.